Don't buy Vitrasan products

They are the absolute worst.
They have no effect and are overpriced.
They’re essentially a scam.

I bought these CBD capsules, pure CBD 18, expensive af.

That’s how they look.
It’s literally cannabis oil in a maize capsule.
After a few days, about 4-5, of taking one per day, my stomach started getting sour.
When i stopped taking them, I felt better.

But that’s not the only experience I had.
I don’t have a picture handy, there’s this overpriced salve with marigold and CBD.
You can get 1/3 cheaper cremes or salves with Vitamin E and Jojoba oil instead of CBD.
Just because it has industrial hemp in it, that justifies a 30€ for 50ml? I don’t think so.
So 100ml of marigold jojoba vitamin E cost 7.95€.
But 50ml of Vitrasan marigold and CBD cost 30€.
How is that not a scam?

Don’t buy Vitrasan products.