Commodore 64 Emulators

How to play those C64 games?
Well, you need an emulator.

Essentially there are 2 types of emulators.
The base emulator and the frontends.
Then there are some that are both.


For Windows the easiest solution is ccs64.

Linux, MacOS, Windows, Android

For everything else, there’s Vice.
Vice works well on it’s own and doesn’t require a separate frontend.
There’s a frontend for all operating systems, called retroarch.
Retroarch also does more than just C64 emulation.
Vice is the most simple solution.

Android <10

For Android below version 10 Frodo 64.
But it doesn’t work every well on Android 10 and above because something changed regarding output since Android 10.


For iPad there’s C64 app, which is a frontend for Vice, specifically for iPads.